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The 1980's

Lots of personnel changes marked the next five years but the group managed to add a large number of songs to its repertoire and started branching out into glee club and holiday music (we were invited to be a part of the ISU Holiday festival various years).   In the mid 80's, the group was invited to perform at the ISU Madrigal Dinners and has been a part of this production ever since (making it necessary to add madrigals and other Renaissance music to its performance list).   Our annual appearance with Musica Antiqua at the Council Bluffs Renaissance Fair began in 1988.   Toward the late 1980's, more sacred literature and spirituals became an important part of the group's music with many appearances at local churches.   A new group name was needed to reflect the wide range of music the group was now performing.   Lyle Lichty suggested "The Music Men".   The group stabilized as a sextet or quintet by 1988 and in 1989 the current quintet was formed.